Word of mouth is the best referral any business could receive. We offer hundreds of referral letters that all attest to our company’s professionalism, use of quality products, attention to detail, and customer service. Take a moment to read a handpicked few below…

Overall, we are extremely pleased with both the painting and the carpentry, and the workmanship was superior. A number of our residents and owners have commented that the building now looks neat, clean, and better than it has in a long time. We have even heard similar comments by visitors of our building.

More specifically, we would like to commend your workers for their professionalism. They were neat, polite to residents and visitors, and professional in their efforts. They arrived at our building on time each morning, and they cleaned up the job site at the end of each day. I would particularly like to commend Raphael, the project supervisor, who was on site every day to ensure that the work was completed correctly and who kept me informed regularly about problems and solutions.

As a condominium association, we hire a number of vendors each year to help us maintain our property, and they cover the entire spectrum of skills and abilities. Based on my experiences with other vendors, I would rate your work as outstanding. I will have no hesitation recommending you to other associations in our area.

On behalf of the entire board of directors, I thank you for all of your efforts.

Lon B. Smith


Managed by Gates Hudson Community Management

It is my pleasure to make a recommendation for Ploutis Contracting, Inc. for construction work involving siding replacement, water infiltration, wood framing repairs, and waterproofing. I have worked with Ploutis Contracting for 15 years and have found its work to be of high quality across multiple projects.

In my experience with Ploutis Contracting, I have found its project managers to be responsive and focused on the quality of work. Communications with field personnel have been good, with Ploutis keeping clients (owners) and engineers updated on the schedule and progress of the construction. The company has been conscientious in completing construction work on schedule and keeping worksites clean and safe.

Ploutis Contracting takes a reasonable and fair approach to estimate and pricing projects, working to include all known aspects in its bids. I have not found this company to underestimate bids hoping to win the contract and submit a change order to make up for it later in the project.

Mark Leman, P.E.


During the execution of the contract, the onsite management and supervision was outstanding, and communication was facilitated by an excellent office staff. The onsite crew were seasoned and performed their tasks efficiently, courteously, and professionally with no disruption to our owners.

One key attribute of the Ploutis team that we would like to highlight was their honesty in making recommendations to the Homeowner Association Committee that was managing the process. They provided us good guidance that was important in our decision-making process.

We would like to strongly recommend Ploutis Contracting for any painting, caulking and carpentry repairs you make need in the future.

Robert Borghese


Managed by Legum and Norman

Regency at Ashburn Community Association

Without reservation, Landmarc Real Estate recommends Ploutis Contracting to anyone who values quality work, efficient crews, and great overall communication.

It is a pleasure working with Ploutis Contacting. They have excellent response times to our requests and have performed various jobs such as building re-siding projects, carpentry repairs, interior leak repairs, structural repairs, and community railing painting at many of our Communities.

They coordinate the notices to communities informing them of the pending work and answering any homeowner concerns as soon as they are received. Their effort in dealing directly with resident concerns is truly appreciated.

Ploutis Contracting also provides a “Lunch and Learn” at our Management meeting once a year which allows new managers to gain insight from a contractor’s perspective and refresh our existing managers’ knowledge and awareness of current products.

Overall, Ploutis Contracting is our “go-to” company for quick turnaround and quality work.

Ryan Fernet, CMCA, AMS, PCAM 

Vice President

I have worked with Ploutis Contracting for over 20 years. In our line of work as Community Managers, it is very difficult to find reliable Contractors.

After using their services for the first time I knew they were a company that was not only reliable but trustworthy and efficient. Their services are unmatched and they have successfully completed many interior hallway painting jobs, door replacements, extensive exterior wood replacement, and concrete repairs as well as investigative work and repairs for unit leaks, and more.

Ploutis Contracting’s communication is impeccable. From my initial contact with the office to the completion of the job, I am kept informed and updated every step of the way. Their crews are courteous and respectful while working in my communities.

I receive nothing but great feedback from my Board of Directors and homeowners.

I truly appreciate having a family-owned business company that truly cares, exceeds my expectations, and goes the extra mile for me and my communities.

I have no hesitation to recommend Ploutis Contracting to any Management Company or homeowner looking for an excellent full-service contractor.

Nicole Malki

Community Association Manager

We had the great opportunity to be part of the team that worked with Ploutis Painting & Contracting on a very successful project, called Eton Square located in Virginia. The project effort consisted of siding replacement, water infiltration, flashing, and some structural repairs.

Mo Vatan 

P.E., P.O., LEED

I, John Scott, until November of this year, was the President of the Board of Eton Square Condominiums, until my recent retirement from both active duty and my board president position; however, I still serve on the Board as a member at Large.

During my seven years as President of the Association, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Gus Koukides; owner of Ploutis Painting & Contracting Co.

Eton Square Condominiums has had a successful business relationship for over ten years with their Company. This relationship started in 2005 before I was elected to the Board and President and has continued on thru today. The Board continues to engage the services of Ploutis Painting and Contraction to do our pressure washing of siding and stairwell painting.

Back in 2011, after several years of dealing with major issues to our buildings; siding, and reoccurring leaks, the Board undertook a major project to correct multiple deficiencies: insulate, replace any rotted wood due to water damage, Tyvek and re-side the buildings. This was a major undertaking involving 30 Buildings. Bid requests went out in November to over half a dozen companies with three companies presenting bids. The scope of the project was to cost between one and two million dollars. The board has reviewed the bids and interviewed different company representatives who chose Ploutis Painting and Contracting. Ploutis Painting and Contracting bids showed a thoroughness of consideration and presented an honest assessment of what issues may or may not come up in the repair process. In addition, Gus’s estimate was in the range of what our Engineering firm estimated.

The Board has always found the quality of their work to be extremely high, and Gus always guarantees their work and stands 100% behind it. Ploutis Painting and Contracting is a rare company today that is big enough to do the job and yet small enough to give the client the personal touch of a small company.

I highly recommend Gus Koukides, of Ploutis Painting & Contracting Co.

John A. Scott

Former President of the Board

Eton Square Condominiums